Stainless Steel Firing Set for Petit Kiln – for Copper and Bronze Clays (AS0723)


9-piece set specifically designed for firing Copper and Bronze Clays in the small jewellery Petit Kiln (or other mini electric kilns). Set includes 4 different size stainless steel containers, with a lid for each, and a bag of coconut shell based activated carbon (approx 220g). This will fill all four containers and leave some spare.

To prepare place the carbon inside the container, cover with the lid and fire for 30 minutes at 840degC. Cool Completely and then follow the BronzClay or COPPRclay firing schedule. Coconut shell based carbon creates a colour patina on pieces as they are fired. If you prefer to regain the natural colour of your Bronze pieces – brush vigorously with a stainless steel brush, sand and burnish as with Silver Metal Clay.

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